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ok Traffic generated by the 8 level system - FREE
ok 468 x 60 banner on top - FREE
ok 120-160 x 600 banner on right side - FREE
ok 728 x 90 banner on bottom - FREE
ok Random Member/URL rotator - FREE
ok Trackers Rotator, promo tools - FREE
ok URL shortener, IP info services - FREE
ok 468 x 60 banner - V.I.P.
ok 125 x 125 banner - V.I.P.
ok Text / HTML ads - V.I.P.
ok Sell goods/services ads - V.I.P.
ok Hits stats tool - V.I.P.: Example
Affiliate commissions
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One-time 8 clicks for infinite referral hits

Manual Traffic generation up to the 8th level explained for (only) 10 referrals of each other :
Level Website FREE hits for your site URL
Level 110 8 hits
Level 2100 8 hits
Level 31000 8 hits
Level 410,000 8 hits
Level 5100,000 8 hits
Level 61,000,000 8 hits
Level 710,000,000 8 hits
Level 8100,000,000 8 hits
Total hits = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8111,111,110 8 hits


Why so simple? All the referrals on your 8 levels need to hit your site (URL) in order to be qualified for the multi-level traffic generation option.

CAN'T HANDLE TO PROMOTE ? RELAX! UPGRADE to get random random referrals added from direct sign-ups, to work for you.

The V.I.P. PACKAGE also provides
V.I.P. AREA : BANNERS, TEXT and HTML ADS on each page.

8Hits FREE / V.I.P. advertising & cash packages :

Privilege Free V.I.P.
Membership color / symbol free premium
Membership statusFreeV.I.P.
Receive visits from referrals on 8 levelsokok
Random Member/URL rotatorokok
Free banners advertisingokok
Tracker rotator4 trackers8 trackers
random referralsokok
V.I.P. banners advertisingnook
V.I.P. text/HTML ads advertisingnook
Sale ads advertisingnook
random referrals added from direct sign-upsnook
Access in the VIP poolnook
hits counter for all websitesnook
Cash on referral's upgrade V.I.P.$ 2$five
Payout methodUSDC walletUSDC wallet


8 hits - Infinite hits for just 8 clicks !

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